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Tips in Travel Packing

Every time you travel, you have to make the necessary preparations. And one thing you need to prepare before the trip is packing the things you would need. Before packing stuff in your suitcase, make sure to follow some tips in order to do it properly.


The Splendor of the Columbia River

Did you know that the Columbia River is one of the most important rivers in the United States and the whole North America? In fact, it is the largest hydroelectric power producing river in this continent. Columbia River expands 1,243 miles or 2,000 km long with a drainage basin of 258,000 miles.


Machu Picchu and Festival of the Sun

During the Incan era, Machu Picchu was a central place for sun worship. As you can perceive, winter was not then a pleasant season for Incas, this is because the civilization held the sun in such high regard. The annual disappearance of the sun was feared because it would mean the onslaught of famine for them. So, they would take an annual pilgrimage to Cuzco to honor the sun god and plead for his immediate return to prevent famine from happening. This ceremony is known as ‘Inti Raymi’ or ‘The Festival of the Sun’ and was perhaps the most important in the Incan calendar.

Prior to the ceremony, celebrants would avoid doing all forms of physical pleasure and fast for days. A bountiful feast of chichi, corn bread and meat will be showered by the Sapa Inca in exchange for a few slaughtered llamas as gifts for him. This is to ensure fertile lands and plentiful crops for the year ahead reason why slaughtering llamas was so important. Since llamas played in shaping the Inca Empire, the Incas hold them with the highest regard and therefore even today you will see many llamas on the Inca trail trek and Peruvians.


Mar Menor of Spain – Your Perfect Getaway

If you desire to be free from your tiresome and demanding job and want to flee from the city, what do you usually do? You may consider of a holiday getaway. Because of today’s stressful lifestyle, spending your holiday somewhere else will surely rejuvenate your worn out life. The Mar Menor in the East Coast of Spain is a promising place for your perfect escape.

Literally means “Little Sea”, Mar Menor is a heavenly retreat with various things to offer to its visitors. You will be surprised as you visit this place for your fun-filled adventure. This is for a fact that Mar Menor satisfies not only your senses with various adventures but also a glimpse of everything. If you happen to visit Costa Blanca before, these two tourists destination have striking similarities.