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Experience Bohol

Bohol is just one of the more than seven thousand islands of the Philippines, but its natural beauty and rich culture makes this oval-shaped island one of the fast rising tourist destinations of the country.
The island province has so many things to offer to tourists and adventurers. Its stunning natural parks and wildlife can take every visitor’s breath away. Bohol is just one of the few islands that have so many tourist spots visitors can go to.

One of which is the famous Chocolate Hills. This incredible natural landmark consists of more than a thousand cone-shaped mounds or hills scattered over 50 square kilometers. The hills all look alike when it comes to shape. During summer when the season is dry, their green color turns brown or chocolate colored, thus the name Chocolate Hills.

Every person who visits Bohol doesn’t fail to get up close and personal with the island’s famous cute tarsiers. These tiny tarsiers have big eyes and are able to spin their heads 360. They are nocturnal animals and are really shy. They are just simply cuddly but you can’t take one home because they are protected specie.

There are so many water activities in Bohol as well. Bohol is blessed with a lot of marvelous white beaches some of which are just waiting to be discovered. There are numerous white sand beaches that aren’t too commercialized and crowded yet. In Panglao Island they have the Alona beach which is lined with nice resorts and well equipped diving establishments. You can do scuba diving, snorkeling, and even whale watching in some areas.

Another point of interest is Loboc. This town is famous for its clean river. You can also dine at a floating restaurant while touring Loboc River. It is also home to the world famous Loboc Children’s choir. Its ancient church is also frequented by tourists.

So for this coming summer, why not give Bohol a visit?


Bataan: The Peninsula

Bataan is one of the most historical places in the Philippines that Filipinos are proud of. It’s the capital of crabs and prawns particularly in the town of Orani. Bataan is also known as one of the largest producers of other goods like brooms, arraro, mangoes and a lot of marine products. It’s because the total land area of this province is surrounded by water.

Bataan is comprised of 12 municipalities that have their own delicacies. People there got the real identity of a true Filipino; hospitable. Balanga City is the capital of this province and is known for having malls, hotels and restaurants. It only showed that Bataan has recovered from a lot of tragic historical events in the past and one of them is the “Death March.”

Today, Bataan is ready to share and it offers you the beauty that people there are proud of. We have a big concrete cross, a very historical place known as the Dambana ng Kagitingan found in Mt. Samat, Pilar, Bataan. A lot of foreigners went there to witness the beauty and appreciate its history. You can also find an underground museum there wherein old guns, swords and other things that the Japanese soldiers left and the Filipino soldiers used.

Bataan also has a lot of different mountains that tourists love because of their beauty. There’s Mt. Natib, Mt. Malasimbo, Bundok ng Susong Dalaga and so many more. It also has a lot of beautiful beaches that foreigners are really attracted to particularly in Montemar Beach in Bagac, Bataan.


The Cheapest and Hippest Summer Trip

Who says that we could not enjoy the summer vacation if we have tight budget for it? Moreover, who would say that we could not travel and see the beautiful spots in different places if we don’t have money? Here are some hints and tips to celebrate the summer vacation in a much more enjoyable and memorable treat.

If you really want to travel and enjoy the trip to see beautiful spots to lift your spirits up and lessen the stress that we have, why don’t we try to explore nature’s beauty found in the Philippines.

Try to have a tour in the beautiful province of Pangasinan in the Philippines. There are a lot of beach resorts, restaurants and delicacies that the people there are proud of. You can enjoy touring the place by renting a dampa or a small ship manipulated by a tour guide from there. The transportation from Manila, the country’s capital, to Pangasinan is really cheap. What about the lodging and the food? Since it’s a summer vacation, I suggest you to try being adventurous. Instead of going to restaurants that offer expensive foods, try to prepare foods on your own. You can buy foods beforehand. Just make a bonfire and presto! It’s also a venue to unwind in the middle of summer.

There are other places in the Philippines that could be a perfect summer getaway. Vacations are more fun and enjoyable if we are with our family, friends and colleagues so bring them with you!