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Euro Trip

Are you planning to embark on a European trip? But before you take the flight, make sure made all the necessary preparations to avoid any hassles along the way.

First, you need to secure great tickets right away to whichever European city you are heading to. It is a well known fact that a European travel can be quite expensive so you have to find ways in order to get a good deal for plane tickets.

Next, make sure to book your hotels and lodgings beforehand. Try to find hotels that are worth every penny you spend because more often than not, you would need several days to stay in those hotels. There are so many stunning places to go to in Europe and a day or two won’t be enough to appreciate it. But sometimes you really can’t avoid having a last minute European trip. Without any preparations, a lot of things can go wrong especially when it comes to the tickets, hotel bookings and in packing. Sometimes you don’t have more time to pack and you might miss some important things.


Holiday in Croatia

If you are looking for the best alternative Mediterranean destination in central Europe, Croatia is the perfect choice. Croatia is only 2 hours flight from London and 45 minutes from Munich.

Tourists will discover the many wonderful sights Croatia has to offer. Its natural beauties are one of the most best preserved in the world. Croatia has a total of 5800 km of coastline with over a thousand islands. It also boasts of its breathtaking national parks like the famous Risnjak and Brijuni national parks.


What to Expect on Climatic Difference and Time Changes When Traveling

Everyone who purposes to visit a country with an unfamiliar climate must realize that his general condition, his capacity for work and also his mood will be influenced. Nor may one overlook the effect of time changes on the body in long-distance flying.

The numerous processes of the human body are patterned on a day-night rhythm dependent on an inner biological clock. It should not be difficult to understand that changing one’s location quickly in either direction, west or east, tends to disturb this rhythm. On an intercontinental flight from Frankfurt to New York there is normally a time difference of six hours, and on a jet trip to Sydney, Australia, the difference is nine hours. How confusing when on arrival your already strenuous day of travel suddenly becomes six, eight or even more hours longer. Since the human body can only compensate (some say) for a two-hour difference a day, you can easily figure out how long it will take your inner clock to become properly regulated again. After your return home the entire procedure will take place again in reverse.