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Tips for Travelers

tips-for-travelersIt is mid-summer already, but I hope that this article will still help others who still planning to beat the summer heat before it is gone though the weather in the last few days makes one think that the summer is almost gone. I am more focusing more in out of town travels within the country which includes company outings, and for those who want to spent quality time with family members. The following were my advices

• Think of a destination ahead of time, and book early if you want to stay in a hotel. During this season, some hotels didn’t accept reservations unless you do it ahead of time, maybe a month earlier. (more…)


Get Adjusted for Your Trip

Along with other essential things in planning a trip, do not forget mental preparation. Make sure your “luggage” contains a healthy amount of balance and anticipation of unforeseen occurrences. Don’t let your joy be dampened by unexpected incidents like, for example, a delay or a security check. Don’t get irritated when things do not go as planned. “A person travels, not to get where he is going, but just to travel,” is a sensible German adage. Oftentimes it is just those very “mishaps” that you have during vacation that turn out to be the nicest experiences! You talk about them for years thereafter and never tire of laughing at them over and over again.