Safety First: Is Air Travel Safe While Pregnant?

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There is really no danger in travelling through air while pregnant. But you should always bear in mind some tips that can ensure your safety further. Airlines permit pregnant women to fly in their planes as long as there are no complications during the pregnancy and as long as the due date of the pregnant woman is not yet close. Usually pregnant women are not permitted to ride a plane if the due date is close because of the tendency that she might be delivering the baby anytime and that could be during her travel.

It is said that the safest time of pregnant people to travel by plane is during their second trimester. Although air travel is not dangerous for pregnant woman, they should always have pre-cautionary measures to consider before they go travelling.

Pregnant people should be very conscious with their health. Since they are very fragile at these times they should always bring this that can help them to avoid flu or other kind of sicknesses. They also have to bring plenty of water during the travel. They should avoid drinking other beverages like coffee and soft drinks that can be bought in the aircraft but instead, you should bring your own water together with fruits and healthy foods.

You should also remember that during the flight, you have to be comfortable all the way. Being pregnant is not easy so it is important to feel comfortable during the flight especially if it will take long hours of travelling. You should reserve a seat which can allow you to move your feet a lot to avoid blood clotting and cramps. Usually the aisle seat is the seat that has the biggest space of legroom. You might also want to consider standing up once in a while and walking in the aisle so that you will not be strained by the long hours of seating in the plane. Also you should consider the type of clothes that you are going to wear in your travel. Wear loose clothes as much as possible so that you can move freely and comfortably while you are travelling. Also, wear comfortable shoes so that your feet will not cramp or will not be strained.

Before booking or while still planning the travel, you should consider all the guidelines that the airlines have with pregnant people. So it is important for you to ask inquiries that will help you with your condition while in the plane. You should also be honest of the condition that you have so that the airline can be aware of it and can give you a hand if you have a concern with anything. Also, make should that your doctor will allow you to have your travel while you are pregnant so it is best to consult your doctor before anything else.

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