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California – More Than the Glitz and Glamour

Some of the reasons why so many people visit California are the warm and sunny weather for the most part of the year and the many Hollywood celebrities who make this golden state their home. The Venice Beach in Los Angeles is definitely the place to find pretty ladies roller blading in a bikini. But the state of California has a lot more things to offer.

California has such a huge diversity in terms of the people in culture. In fact, California can be a productive and powerful nation if in any event it separates itself from the union. Aside from the glitter and glamour which the media had often used as its description to the world, California’s huge territory in terms of area offers so many wonderful places to visit.


A Road Trip Leading to a Memorable Experience

When planning to go for a road trip along with children, leaving at the crack of dawn before breakfast is recommended. If the children still felt heavy-eyed, they can sleep in the car. In doing so, no time is wasted and the passengers can travel for at least two hours rest more before stopping for breakfast. Taking breakfast in a distant place inspires the children with a sense of beckoning adventure.

Kept in a cooler should be your children’s varied favorite snacks, sandwiches and drinks. In this way, you save a lot of money and inconveniences as well. This is because you don’t need to bring them into a restaurant since you packed them food with you. So, during a road trip, all you need to do is to stop at rest areas and enjoy taking your breakfast together with your family in serene environments. Wisely choose a parking place where your children can roam around and play to wear out their vigor. During road trips, children need to be catered by making sure that they have games to play, food and snacks to eat, water to drinks and also bring potties if they are young, etc.


Mar Menor of Spain – Your Perfect Getaway

If you desire to be free from your tiresome and demanding job and want to flee from the city, what do you usually do? You may consider of a holiday getaway. Because of today’s stressful lifestyle, spending your holiday somewhere else will surely rejuvenate your worn out life. The Mar Menor in the East Coast of Spain is a promising place for your perfect escape.

Literally means “Little Sea”, Mar Menor is a heavenly retreat with various things to offer to its visitors. You will be surprised as you visit this place for your fun-filled adventure. This is for a fact that Mar Menor satisfies not only your senses with various adventures but also a glimpse of everything. If you happen to visit Costa Blanca before, these two tourists destination have striking similarities.


Bataan: The Peninsula

Bataan is one of the most historical places in the Philippines that Filipinos are proud of. It’s the capital of crabs and prawns particularly in the town of Orani. Bataan is also known as one of the largest producers of other goods like brooms, arraro, mangoes and a lot of marine products. It’s because the total land area of this province is surrounded by water.

Bataan is comprised of 12 municipalities that have their own delicacies. People there got the real identity of a true Filipino; hospitable. Balanga City is the capital of this province and is known for having malls, hotels and restaurants. It only showed that Bataan has recovered from a lot of tragic historical events in the past and one of them is the “Death March.”

Today, Bataan is ready to share and it offers you the beauty that people there are proud of. We have a big concrete cross, a very historical place known as the Dambana ng Kagitingan found in Mt. Samat, Pilar, Bataan. A lot of foreigners went there to witness the beauty and appreciate its history. You can also find an underground museum there wherein old guns, swords and other things that the Japanese soldiers left and the Filipino soldiers used.

Bataan also has a lot of different mountains that tourists love because of their beauty. There’s Mt. Natib, Mt. Malasimbo, Bundok ng Susong Dalaga and so many more. It also has a lot of beautiful beaches that foreigners are really attracted to particularly in Montemar Beach in Bagac, Bataan.